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Budget Power Project


Growing local power and regional expertise for statewide change, the Budget Power Project includes an alliance of powerful state-based networks and coalitions representing scores of organizations working towards racial justice.



California Budget & Policy Center

The California Budget & Policy Center (Budget Center) is an independent, research and analysis nonprofit advancing public policies that improve the lives of Californians who are denied opportunities to share in the state’s wealth and deserve the dignity and support to lead thriving lives in our communities.

Catalyst California

Catalyst California (formerly Advancement Project California) advocates for racial justice by building power and transforming public systems. Catalyst California partners with communities of color, conducts innovative research, develops policies for actionable change, and shifts money and power back into our communities.

Million Voters Project

The Million Voters Project (MVP) is a collaboration of 8 statewide community-based networks expanding California’s electorate to make structural change inevitable. MVP is an unprecedented multi-racial, multigenerational alliance of community-driven state and regional networks, reaching out to millions of voters across the state of California.


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