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Budget Power Project

Activating communities, securing equitable funding

We are policy experts, advocates, and coalition builders determined to help grassroots organizations champion transformative policy changes and secure equitable public investments for their communities.

A crowd of protesters with one fist raised.

What We Do

The Budget Power Project bolsters the power of community-based organizations that represent Black, Indigenous, and other Californians of color who have long been excluded from significant public investments. How? By engaging in public budgeting processes now to win new investments and ensure resources are spent equitably for years to come.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Provide trainings, strategy sessions, and technical assistance to understand local budgeting processes and support racial justice budget advocacy.

Narrative & Storytelling

NarrativE & Storytelling

Develop compelling, aligned messaging to build mass support for equitable budget campaigns and disrupt dominant, misleading narratives about government and taxes.

Organizing & Campaigning

Organizing &

Support community organizations to scale up regional budget campaigns through collaboration, community engagement, and direct action.

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Conduct budget
research and analysis to uncover the history of racialized disinvestment, develop equitable budget demands, and support organizing and storytelling.

A crowd of protesters with a raised fist in the foreground.

get to know our partners

Our partner organizations have a range of budget advocacy expertise. Many began with wanting to learn how to analyze a budget or adapt a new way to ensure dollars intended for their communities reached them. Learn more about our partner organizations and consider contributing to them directly.

News & Updates

More Updates
Introducing the Budget Power Project

Introducing the Budget Power Project

May 1, 2024

Advancing Belonging Through Budget Advocacy

Advancing Belonging Through Budget Advocacy

March 22, 2023

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